5 Common Questions Asked by Parents – Yoga Classes For Children

As the parents, you want the best for your children. You want them to be happy, settled, and confident in school, choose positive friends and become successful in their chosen career. However, if you are like me, a busy mother of three teens, you also want your children to be healthy, to find out how to take care of themselves, how to relax, and use their time constructively.

Given a large number of activities and opportunities available for children, how do you choose what activities will involve your child, give them confidence, and of course good value for money? Yoga classes for children offer you and your child space to grow, improve their health, and most importantly to experience a sense of peace and tranquillity of inner.

Yoga classes for children and teenagers grow in popularity. If you have never tried yoga before, you might not be sure of what to expect. Here are the seven most popular questions asked me about yoga classes for children.

5 general questions requested by parents about yoga for children’s classes:

  1. At what age does my child start a yoga class? Children can start Yoga at 3 months old. Even baby yoga is a popular way for parents to bind to their newborn baby and encourage mothers to relax and care for themselves during the early months of parenting.
  2. What happens in children’s yoga classes? Unlike adult yoga classes, emphasis on teaching yoga to children rooted in pleasure and creativity. Yoga poses are often named after animals, eg, cobra, camels, fish and butterfly poses.

yoga for children

In children’s yoga classes, your child studies basic yoga poses and they are encouraged to follow up, maybe playing yoga games or make yoga stories based on the name of the animal pose. In addition, your child will be introduced to basic yoga breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and visualization exercises.

  1. My child has special needs; can they still join the Yoga class for children? Definitely. Yoga is not competitive and every child is encouraged to work within their own limits. Your Yoga teacher can easily adapt the pose to meet your child’s ability. If your child needs a maid, then make sure you let your Yoga teacher know beforehand.
  2. Will the breathing exercise in hurting the lungs of my child? Not. Breath exercises in yoga encourage your child to breathe properly. In general, children under 13 years old don’t hold breathe in breathing exercises. In addition, breathing exercises are personalized to children, such as breath Bee at home or hiss such as snakes encourage children to exhale completely.
  3. Can boys do yoga? Definitely. Boys strongly benefit from calm and creative yoga aspects. I have worked with teenagers, who initially thought Yoga was a soft choice, but was very surprised at the level of concentration and focused on balancing tree pose or warriors 3 poses or arm strength needed for dog posedown and posing.

If you are thinking about introducing your child to the children’s yoga classes, take your time, talk about all your worries with the Yoga teacher then sit and notice your child has the most amazing experience on their day.