All About Polyclonal Antibody Production

We are going to discuss all about the poly-clonal antibody generation from peptide treatment to carrier protein synthesis and conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, titer analysis and final antibody purification. There are companies like Bosterbio who are specialized in the design of antigens and manufacturing of customer-specific peptide antibodies and monospecific peptide antibodies against very different epitopes. 

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This kind of company also immunizes with recombinant protein fragments that you provide (or expressed and purified by us using cDNA from our extensive internal library) to increase antibodies in rabbits, chickens, pigs, goats, guinea  mice or mice.

Their detailed information of the factors that determine antigen enables us to produce customized antibodies with unmatched affinity specificity, and test utility. This expert service increases the likelihood of obtaining polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies capable of distinguishing even strongly bound proteins in complex mixtures to determine protein expression patterns using ICC, IHC,  IF,ELISA,  FACS, Western Blot or Characterize immunoprecipitation.

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