An Introduction about dingle

Dingle is located in southeastern Ireland and is one of the most charming towns in Ireland. Dingle combines a unique Irish flair with Irish language and culture against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty on a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. So beautiful is the Dingle Peninsula that it has been named “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth” by National Geographic Traveler. You can also visit for dingle walks information. 

Dingle has been the subject of much controversy over the name. In 2005 the Irish Minister for Gaeltacht announced that English translations of Irish places in the Gaeltacht region would be replaced with their original Irish names. In 2005, Dingle was renamed An Daingean in the Irish name after this movement.

All other parts of the country welcomed the transition, but as Dingle relied on tourism as its main industry, the name change was rejected. There are concerns that tourists will not recognize An Daingean. There is also a town in Ophali County with a similar name, Daingean. In October 2006, after a vote, it was decided to name the city Daingean Uí Chúis.

Many points of interest in and around Dingle include Funji, the famous bottlenose dolphin, Connor Pass, the Blasket Islands and the town of Dingle itself. The entire peninsula is a playground for outdoor activities lovers with excellent conditions for hiking, golf and horse riding.

Dingle is a lively place with lots of pubs and restaurants. You can stroll through the city for hours and explore the beehives of various activities. Most pubs have traditional live music in the evenings and all of them are well stocked with a selection of traditional Irish drinks and food.