Barcode Label Uses For Your Business

Barcode Labels can have many uses in business, and there are many types available, some of them are listed below with a specific purpose. 

Barcodes are usually printed on labels as they store large amounts of data on a small surface area. Apart from this, know more about the ‘barcode labels via’(Also known as ‘ฉลากบาร์โค้ดผ่าน’ in the Thai language).

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Five areas discussed above are: asset tags, parking permits, product labels, common solutions/applications, and the type of barcode.

Asset Tags: Asset tag can be used to identify the equipment, furniture and other physical assets in your business. Typical material white polyester, metalized polyester matte silver, silver polyester security, vandalized reflective vinyl, Lexan®, or LexSaver®.

Parking Permits: Barcode labels can be integrated on various types of parking permits; such as hang tags, stickers and window stickers. Some of the materials used are PVC, LexSaver ™, static cling, vinyl with permanent adhesive, and vinyl reflective destroyed.

Product Labels: There are 100 uses for bar code on the product label. To name a few, industrial labels, label media, label Product ID, property management, shipping/mailing, tracking/pricing, and many others.

General Barcode Solutions / Usage: Product ID label with UPC bar code on a roll or fan folded label ID product with the UPC codes on the sheet laser, a very small size, bar code, there is no other printing on labels and laser blank, thermal and inkjet barcode labels.

Barcode Type: Codabar (numeric): Codabar bar codes typically used in labeling solutions for applications that require the issuance of a sequence and process information.

Some examples would include the library system, membership cards, overnight package delivery system, and other simple processing and tracking applications.

2D Barcodes: 2D (two dimensional) barcodes contain more information than the typical one-dimensional barcode. One-dimensional barcodes are increasingly widespread as more data is encoded. 

2D barcodes on labels applied by the thermal printing device. 2D barcode using the vertical dimension, allowing more data to be stored. Bear in mind that using square inches and larger labels will add cost to your bar code labels.