Best Eyeshadow Color For Blonde Hair And Green Eyes

When choosing eyeshadow color, do these steps: choose from colors that will match the color of your eyes, but make sure it will also match your skin tone and hair color. then, determine if the eyeshadow will match the clothes you wear.

If you have green eyes, then make sure to select an eyeshadow shade that will enhance them. Hence, refrain from choosing a color that is the same as your eyes. If you want to know more about the light smokey eye makeup steps visit

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Choose colors to contrast your green eyes. Deep purples and wines are good contrasting colors. Eyes with lighter green or lime colors can match with lighter green or lime eyeshadow colors. If you have blue-green eyes, plum, violet, and blue purples are good eyeshadow color choices.

Gold eyeshadows can also be a perfect choice to make the green eyes brighter. Your eyeshadow color choices should be in a wider range so you can limit the choices based on the color of your hair and skin.

Those who are blonde with a lighter complexion should go for lighter shades of plum, purples, and apricot. Choose two or three colors that are different from your green eyes. Go for Khaki or forest green or any shade that is different from your green eyes. If not, it will not in any way enhance your eyes. The eyeshadow’s purpose on the eyes is defeated.