Could Net Neutrality Block Users Using Torrents?

Net neutrality has been a pretty called topic these days. There are those on both sides of the debate on this very good arguments. During the discussion of the subject, it should be noted that the debate on net neutrality written and not the concept. Of course, users want the concept, but if the bill is written for the Internet service providers, you as a user are lost.

Part of the bill is that ISP has the ability to “prevent the illicit transfer of content” and “reasonable network management”. Now, they seem pretty harmless because no calls to pay a low-cost fee and Internet service provider pay more money for the bandwidth and offer ‘torrent VPN services via‘ (also known as ‘을 통한 토렌트 VPN 서비스‘ in the Korean language) so as to get the appropriate results.

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The problem lies in the fact that these two phrases are what ISP’s usually use to justify strangling or even cut the torrent capacity. With this language, it seems that it would not be legally justified.

Many have a negative view of the streams immediately like the idea of illegal file-sharing comes to mind. Although there is illegal file-sharing by a torrent and is also sharing with HTTP and FTP.

The actual neutrality allows users to access various forms of bandwidth, like a torrent that can save quite a bit on costs if you share legally large files and folders between client computers or peers but congestion on the Internet who share files can slow down the system due to lack of compression and networks are not built on.

On the issue of hacking, if the streams are blocked, they will move elsewhere and still occur. Blocking them will not solve the copyright issues facing digital media on the Internet.