Custom Pallet Fits Custom Needs For Less Money

Need a special size pallet without the high price? There are some pallet designs that can be customized in at least 9 different sizes to fit your small and unique pallet size needs. Even better offered on pallets at multiple consumer prices.

Save Money And Time

In the materials processing industry, the demand for small custom pallets is increasing in every industry to help companies optimize unit costs. Why? No one wants to pay for unused space in a truck or container.

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Another benefit: retailers have more flexibility when making in-store presentations. Stores can easily bring products to the sales floor without reselling them. Think about saving time!

The custom plastic pallets are ideal for this industry and not just:

  • Medical
  • Eat
  • Sales
  • Electronic
  • Air Freight

Still, Thinking About Custom Pallets?

Even if your company has the budget and demand to design custom plastic pallets, the following common challenges can change your mind:

Custom plastic pallets are expensive to develop. Unless you need more than 30,000 plastic pallets a year, making custom-size molds is not economical.

Finding sources for custom palette shapes is difficult. If costs and depreciation aren't enough to discourage you, think about the time, headache, and difficulty of finding outside sources to process your expensive mold production and maintenance.