Details and Additional Information On Antibody Production

Overview Of standard animal immunization schemes and protocols for polyclonal antibody production: each protocol applies to one antigen injected into both animals (5 per mouse), resulting in reported total serum (or egg) production for multiple animals. To know more about the rabbit polyclonal antibody production visit

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Polyclonal Antibodies – Eight standard protocol options for animal immunization, bleeding testing, serum collection, titer reporting, and antiserum dispensing.

Six Host Choices – Choose from three rabbit immunization protocols from guinea pig, chicken, mouse, goat.

Customizable and customizable – Add additional animals to any standard protocol; Then, decide to keep pushing the animal and bleeding

Online Project Management and Tracking – All immunizer production services use a web portal that provides you with real-time information on the status and progress of your antibody production project, as well as complete control over future management steps

Full-Service Integration – Combine any of the immunization protocols described on this page with our complete range of antigen preparations (peptide design, synthesis and conjugation; or protein expression) and antibody purification services.

Modification of Specific Antibodies – Monospecific antibodies such as phosphospecific antibodies or other PTM specific antibodies are obtained with precise prior planning and our reliable selection method