Different Types And Techniques Of Laser Cutting

The 1960s saw the introduction of laser cutting. This evolution has brought about major technological advances. Laser cutting is more efficient than traditional tooling and cutting because it is more precise and costs less.

Lasers can be used to cut materials by either melting, burning, or vaporizing them and leaving a clean, sharp edge. You can get the 3d laser crystal engraving services via https://www.crystalsensations.com/decorative-methods/sub-surface-laser-engraving/.

Bystronic laser parts, and spare parts for Bystronic lasers, make laser cutting easy and efficient. There are many types of lasers available and different methods for cutting. To find out which option is best for us, we will have a detailed discussion.

A gas laser, also known as CO2 laser cutting- is created using a carbon dioxide combined Laser.

The initial invention of the gas laser was not powerful enough to cut metals. While it’s best used on non-metals, the technology has improved to make gas lasers capable of cutting metals. It can reach a wavelength of 10.6 millimeters.

To work with metals like steel and aluminum, gas laser cutting can also use pure nitrogen. However, oxidation can occur if the nitrogen used is not pure.

Lasers used for crystal laser cutting are made of nd. YAG (neodymium yttrium aluminiu garnet) or nd. YVO (neodymium ortho-vanadate). These gems are part of a solid-state group that allows for high-powered cutting. It can be used with non-metals and metals.