Don’t Sweat It – Get the Right Deodorant

I have often had late evening dates in the past, where I had to rush after office hours, without having any time to change into a fresh pair of clothes. At such times, naturally, the must-have in my office cabinet was my deodorant!

A liberal use of deodorant is a must if you are constantly on the go, or need to meet people for work or for pleasure. I have been using the Arm and Hammer deodorant from before I met the girl who’s now my wife. I continue to use it. For one, it is long-lasting. Plus, it smells good without being overpowering.

If you are a light user, and only need it to keep you fresh and on-the-go, then a deodorant such as arm & hammer ultramax deodorant is ideal. Both deodorants are mild and aluminum-free, but effective. The AXE Phoenix deodorant is another deodorant that protects well against sweat. You ca

Antiperspirants such as Right Guard Sport and Arm & Hammer Ultramax Deodorant Antiperspirant are sure-fire, time-tested solutions against body odor. These antiperspirant deodorants work to suppress sweat, giving a lasting protection against body odor. Antiperspirants frequently work better than deodorants at keeping away body odor.

The Old Spice perfumed deodorant is an old reliable. Deodorants such as Arrid XX Roll-On and Gillette Clinical Strength also last and keep you cool and dry.

You can choose to use a roll-on, spray, or a stick deodorant. Roll-on and sticks are easier to carry around when traveling. Sprays are less greasy than roll-on deodorants.