Few Steps and Techniques to use Winch

Learning how to winch out is an important off-road skill. If you are a hardcore off-road fan, no doubt you will get stuck occasionally. 

If you have an ATV or hand winch and know how to use it, however, you will come out in a short time and hit the trail as hard as ever.

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Every situation will be different, which means you need to retreat and assess your situation to decide the safest and most efficient method to use. No matter what your situation is, however, there are several basic steps that apply to any pull:

Hook it up: When you have chosen your anchor point and you are ready to connect the cable, involve the free spool and walk out to the anchor point using a hook rope. Take a rope to your anchor point. Use the tree strap or chain and D shackles if needed. 

Clear it out: Clean the Bystanders area and communicate clearly with other people who help in the winching process. Avoid wearing loose clothes or jewelry that can capture the moving part and create a dangerous situation. 

Spool it in: When you have recovered the vehicle, respool the rest of the cable. Wear heavy duty leather gloves to protect your hands from the burrs. 

If you plan to use your winch later, you can also repeat the spooled-out cable above your bumper, making sure it’s safe enough to stay in a rough place.