Get The Modular Buildings

Prefabricated buildings or modular buildings are a new trend in building construction. They consist of building units or buildings built in factories using heavy technical processes and then assembled on site.

Steel is the basic material for the construction of individual units. However, modular offices & prefab spaces are also made with the help of concrete, brick, and mortar.

Modular building construction is simple compared to conventional construction, because no foundation is needed. The builder visits the site and controls the property where the building will be built. Floor plans are made with the help of experienced architects.

Then the builder decides how the plan should be divided into separate units. Each unit is built differently in the factory. Then all units are installed and packed with cement and mortar or welded and tied together. Some heavy buildings may require a tombstone foundation to increase its strength.

Modular buildings are tested throughout the world for their construction speed. The entire building can be erected on site within one year without much work. Because the foundations are in most cases excessive, all construction works are clean without much dust.

There is plenty of room for adaptation in modular buildings. Customers can discuss with builders and design their own buildings very flexibly. Ceiling height, wall thickness, and other dimensions can be adjusted as needed. If necessary, your unit can be disassembled and moved to another location.