Horror Comics: Get Frightened By Reading Them

The human desire to be scared is a natural instinct. Ghost stories are a testament to this desire. Over the centuries, horror stories have been created out of this desire to scare people. Nearly all languages have a section called horror literature. This particular genre has been gaining prominence over the past decade.

Horror stories are often called fiction because they contain imaginary stories about supernatural powers, evil forces, and black magic. Since the 1960s, horror fiction has been popular as literature. You can buy the ‘best horror comics’ (also known as ‘beste horrorstrips’ in Dutch language) via https://www.stripweb.be/S-stripverhaal-keizer-penguin-bestellen-15636.asp.

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This fiction is often confused with science fiction and fantasy, so it’s also known as speculative fiction or supernatural fiction.  There are many horror book stores in major cities that sell horror fiction books. Although not a literary form, horror stories were popular years ago as folklores about demons and vampires.

It gained popularity as literature in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth centuries. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole and The Mysteries of Udolpho, Ann Radcliffe’s horror fiction book, respectively, were among the most famous horror fiction novels of the nineteenth century.

The contemporary horror books have moved away from extreme violence or shock to entertain the readers. Readers have generally accepted the horror books of Thomas Ligotti and Ramsey Campbell. With the advent of American pulp magazines in the 1920s, horror literature was made more accessible to a wider audience.