How to Beat Basement Leaks Before They Destroy Your Home In Milwaukee?

Most homes are at real risk of having problems with the foundation. The foundations are usually made of cast concrete walls and earth or cinder blocks. Or a combination of the two. While many believe that cement, concrete, and slag are strong and can easily hold water, the opposite is true. 

In fact, these materials can easily fall prey to water and pressure from clay floors, leading to massive basement leaks and water problems. The leaky basement repair experts at can help you to fill the cracks in the walls and create a waterproofing foundation to protect your basement.

The soil around your house is likely covered in clay. A highly water-filtering clay and can expand and shrink with different amounts of water and temperature. Both add that your foundation is constantly under attack.

When soil expands beyond the basement walls and exerts tremendous pressure on the basement walls, the cinder blocks can crack, weaken, and penetrate the water inside. Water enters through the outer wall and is poured and collected in a "pool" at the bottom of the cylindrical beam wall (inside wall).

Water collects there and because this is often very acidic rainwater, the combined water begins to "eat" the cinder blocks, causing water to leak through the inside of the basement walls. The annoying slopes in the walls are removed by sealing the basement of the basement. But you have to get it right away. So don't hesitate to fix the leak immediately.