How To Prevent Dried Pampas Grass From Shedding?

You’ve probably heard of discarded pampas grass, and now you want to know the truth – is pampas grass really that much? The good news is, pampas grass is only thrown when you shake or move it. Once the stems are in the vase, they are no longer thrown away.

If you are planning to buy pampas grass for home decor then you can simply order dried pampas grass via (also known as ‘pampasgras getrocknet uber‘ in the German language).

We always recommend that you take the following steps to enjoy your new dry plant:

1. Gently shake each shaft to remove excess hair after delivery (they will be removed during the process. Covering the surface with paper or doing it outdoors is recommended to avoid mess).

2. Place the stems in a vase and allow to loosen naturally. In a few days, the loop will open more.

If you are not disturbed in the vase, your stems should not be thrown away completely.

Now some customers are asking us: should I use hairspray to keep the pampas grass from fitting?

Our personal opinion – we do not recommend it. The hairspray will harden your hair and remove natural hair.

If you’re still tempted to try hairspray, it’s best to apply a small amount on the stem after it’s been in the vase for a few days and it’s really swollen. Please try a small piece first to see if you like the result.