Important Facts about Finding Affordable Web Hosting

Choosing the cheapest web hosting plan is important for your business, whether you are planning a family website or a corporate ecommerce website. While some web hosting companies offer free domain name registration and you're interested, I'm going to list a few things you really need to consider.

These are the things that can have a big impact on the features and pricing of your choice. You can also get fast & reliable web hosting in Australia via Digital Z.


Sometimes called transfer, you can measure how many visitors your website receives and how much data visitors download. A lot of video downloads from your website means it uses a lot of bandwidth. If you use more than what is included in your affordable web hosting package, you may incur additional fees.


This is an important factor. If you've already registered a domain name, you'll need to find out if you can move it from your old web hosting company if it's already hosted. When registering a new domain name, you should be aware that some web hosts offer free domain name registration.

Website updates

Some web hosts offer CMS software, a content management system. That is, they provide a way to easily update your website without having to write HTML code or anything like that.

Platform / database

If your web host offers hosting on a Linux platform, the script language is PHP and the database is MySQL. ASP / .NET and MSSQL are widely used for Windows based hosting.