Installing Roof Curbs – All You Need to Know

Prefabricated roof curbs have been in use since the roof has been utilized for something other than keeping weather out. And in this one sentence lie the benefits and the detriments we face in the roof curb business everyday. The primary function of the curb is to keep weather out while supporting the equipment on it.

You could say that everyone who makes equipment for roof mounting is “in the curb business” as well, but with many companies their focus in not the roof’s integrity, but rather the support of their equipment. You can find more about pre manufactured roof curbs through

Since the companies focus on the integrity, there is a lack of certain items such as insulation, wood nailers, cants, etc. Not only are these items excluded, but you may have as many as three or more subcontractors involved with different applications.

Mechanical applications involve exhaust fans, rooftop HVAC units, electrical generators, exhaust ducts, vent pipes, refrigeration lines, etc. Architectural applications include unit skylights, structural and monument skylights, terminations at walls, expansion joints, roof hatches, heat and smoke vents, and satellite dish systems.