Job Hunting With A Great LinkedIn Profile

The scope of LinkedIn is global; however, you also have the power to enhance your local network. This article was written to help you to create an effective LinkedIn profile page and offers some techniques that will enable you to stand out amongst competitor’s profiles. For more information about Linkedin services, you can search Linkedin resume services via

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connects you with 500+ million professionals and accesses 10 million job posts worldwide.

LinkedIn has a profile completeness/effectiveness meter at the right side of your profile page that gives you an indication of the degree of completeness. Experts believe that a complete profile is 40 times more likely to receive more offers. 

With complete details, your profile has a better chance to appear higher in searches than your job searching competitors.


Keywords are the search phrases related to your work that your employers enter in search fields to find potential employees. Adding such keywords in all sections ensures the visibility of your profile to more potential employers. 

For example, employers looking for people in the finance, financial related services, and valuation and multiple valuations fields are more likely to find you if you add these phrases in your profile with at least 3% density.


Recommendations are extremely helpful and proof of your profile credibility, and this is what all potential employers seek in any profile. Having recommendations from past clients and employers will make your profile stand out among your competitors.