Learn Benefits Of Infrared Technology

Gas and electric infrared (IR) heat processing are fascinating technologies in the right way and can provide certain advantages. Infrared heating, however, is not the right choice for every procedure. You can also visit https://bruestcatalyticheaters.com/benefits-and-industrial-applications-of-infrared-heaters/ to get infrared process heaters.

In industrial processes that require some form of heating or drying, many reasons are used to justify process improvements. Common drivers for improvement include:

  • Looking to increase in productivity by a boost in the speed of line processing.
  • Significant decrease in the cost of energy.
  • The reduction in maintenance cost.
  • A decrease in the amount of downtime.
  • Improved quality of the product (thereby decreasing the number of rework requests and rejects).
  • Reduced costs for labor.
  • Reduced floor space requirements.
  • A brand new product launch.
  • Changes in the business’s owner or management.
  • The desire to stay ahead with competitors.


How can Infrared help?

If you’re seeking to boost productivity, infrared heating is an excellent option to think about. A lot of times it is a matter of adding infrared heating to the start of a gas-fired electrically heated hot convection oven that could give you an increase of 30 to 100 percent improvement inline speed and consequently the amount of throughput.

Infrared heat is directly transferred onto product coatings as well as substrates, which makes the transfer of heat much quicker as compared to convective heat. Infrared heating does not have to heat the air first to heat it, and you don’t have to move hot air with a rapid speed to heat the substrates and coatings of the product.