LinkedIn Resume Writing Tips

It is quite true that you will never get a second chance to make a first impersonation. A resume provides a latent employer with an insight into the type of employee that you will be. There are many companies that provide resume writing services, if you want to get more information you can search LinkedIn resume writing services via

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 Here are some tips and tricks that can assist in this endeavor.

1: Formatting Counts:

It is vital to have two versions of your resume. One is for online viewing and the other for in-person interviews and job fairs. It is often the case that many fonts, lines, bullets, and other fancy formatting are not well processed on all computers so online submitted resumes should be as basic as possible in terms of formatting.

2: Spell  And Reality Check:

Before sending in your resume, ensure that you spell check with the proper word processing software. After doing this make sure that you let another person give it a quick read called a “reality check” to make certain that the software did not miss anything and that you did not make any errors that your computer could not pick up on. This is vital as errors can cost you your next job.

3: Not Too Long, But Not Too Short:

There is always a debate as to how long or short a resume should be. This can be difficult to determine. Some professionals believe in resumes that are one page long but this can be very restrictive unless you possess only a few skills and experiences.