Maternity Insurance Is Very Important

It is very important to have maternity insurance. A doctor or a midwife can help you keep track of your pregnancy month by month. Your doctor will monitor your pregnancy and help you make informed decisions. 

Your personal circumstances will dictate whether he will accompany you, advise you, or inform you. If your pregnancy is safe, the midwife will monitor it and then monitor your baby after birth. Maternity insurance covers are considered because it covers all pregnancy-related costs. For your betterment, you can also take pregnancy health insurance via

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The midwife will inform you, with your consent, about any changes in your health as part of the coordination of care with your physician. Your doctor will use this information to follow up after childbirth. Your doctor or midwife may refer you to another professional depending on your medical, psychological, or social needs. 

It is crucial to monitor your pregnancy in the first few months. You can monitor your pregnancy throughout the first seven months and receive support with systematic reviews and doctor visits. Your medical expenses will be reimbursed at the normal rates under the health insurance for the first to fifth months. Your compulsory medical examinations (follow-up consultations, meetings at birth), are covered 100% by the basic rates for health insurance. 

These exams are exempted from the flat fee (one euro) and the medical deductible for drugs, paramedical acts, and transports.

Your health insurance covers the first follow-up visit with your doctor or midwife. This consultation must be completed before the third month of your pregnancy. The health professional will provide you with the “First prenatal review” document that was used to confirm your pregnancy.