Official Bubble Hockey Rules

The rules for dome hockey have been made to provide fair and balanced games for all players. These rules may vary slightly by the area where you live or the type of table that you have but this rule must be followed if possible You can Buy NHL Licensed Super Chexx PRO Bubble Hockey Table For Sale

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Follow the official hockey dome rules below:

  1. Period – most tables are designed with hours that count three periods of 90 seconds for full games
  2. Coin flip – the game starts with a flip coin to determine which side of the table each team stands
  3. Faced – the table will drop Puck in the middle of the ice arena to start each match
  4. Players – players cannot control more than three hockey players (including goalkeepers) at one time
  5. Tilt – no player will lift, tilt or move the dome hockey machine
  6. Stop – Because Bubble Hockey is a time game, players cannot hold a chip to cause traffic jam or delay the game. If behavior is detected, the scoring guard will announce a 5 second countdown. If 5 seconds are over and the player still has a chip with the same hockey man, one goal sentence will be enforced on the violation
  7. Puck trapped – if the chip landed in the dead zone where he could not be contacted by both teams, the deadline must be taken. Then, the player must tilt the table towards the team with the nearest player. If Puck falls to the wrong team, the chip must be pushed towards the right team before the match starts again
  8. Spinning & spinning players – players are allowed to rotate their people for a maximum of one second per instance. Men cannot be moved quickly from side to side to distract or shake the table surface. The spinning or side to the excessive side will produce a warning or potential disqualification