Pointers For Using Instagram in Your Social Media Campaign

Instagram, with more than a hundred million consumers a month, has become a great social media platform for brands and businesses – particularly those wanting to reach younger customers. Users love to utilize Instagram to quickly post pictures from their daily lives, using cool filters to design photos.

In this guide, we'd like to advise you so that you too can use Instagram efficiently and increase your followers, likes, and comments. If you want to increase Instagram followers organically, visit New Audience Media website. 


1. Marketing your Goods

Share creative photographs of your business products (or services). You are able to choose your complete product line or highlight selected items. Do not use infographics on Instagram as pictures are primarily viewed on mobile phones. Rather, if you promote a service, talk about your service-in-action, any technology that you use, the results/benefits of your service, or the gear and supplies you use.

2. Prove your business action

 After all, when you think of the brands that you love, don't you wonder what it might be in those companies? Instagram is a great vehicle for sharing the behind-the-scenes of your company-in-action – be it physical offices, staff meetings, product development, product launches, holiday events, and more.

3. Recognize your fans

Choose one member of your Instagram community each day to promote. This will help increase customer loyalty, and will also expand the range of your social media efforts as people share such information with their own friends.

4. Create promotional code sharing pictures

An excellent and inexpensive way to engage your fans and increase sales is Instagram-specific promotions and discounts. Post photos applicable to the topic of the promotion – such as share photographs of your products in use during hot weather for summer discounts – and design a hashtag to get a campaign like #summer promo.

5. Host photo contest

The Instagram photo contest is a cost-effective and fun way to entice, attract, and impress clients. They can easily be implemented and hashtags may be used. People might check in regularly on your brand if you make them fun. But remember, while interesting is the name of the game, do not lose what you need to achieve through your social networking marketing campaign!