Prepping Your Teeth For A Root Canal

You may need a root canal to treat a persistent infection affecting one of your teeth. To treat these bacterial infections, an antibiotic is used to chemically eliminate them. You must ask your dentist whether an antibiotic will be used. You can get more information about the best root canal dentist in Brampton via

Additionally, you must be aware of which antibiotics will draw an allergic reaction from you and which ones will work safely. Ask your treating root canal dentist if you feel that you may need an antibiotic. During the discussion, learn about the various types of antibiotics and how your body will respond to them.

There are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications you can take to decrease the chances of pain and swelling. Two of the most commonly used ones are ibuprofen and naproxen. 

It is recommended that you take these medications a few days before having the root canal treatment. You can continue to take them after the completion of the treatment. There is additional medication such as Vicodin and Percocet that can be taken in conjunction with the NSAIDs. 

Before taking any medication of course, consult with your dentist and learn about any preexisting medical conditions you may have.

Getting a restful night of sleep before your appointment is highly important. A good night’s sleep can help reduce anxiety and improve your condition. Some patients want to have additional sedation to make them feel more comfortable. 

These options are available in most dental offices. Other practices will offer nitrous oxide or laughing gas. IV sedation is rarely used, but can be offered depending on the situation. Being well rested will ensure you respond well to treatment and be able to think clearly.