Protective Equipment In Melbourne – Essential for a Safe Work Environment

The PPE regulations stipulate that PPE must be provided if it is believed that there is a potential risk to employee health and safety that cannot be managed in any other way. Any hazard or risk must be fully assessed and suitable for the environment to be used. 

The government has provided assistance to employers through a government agency, the British Security Federation, and they can provide information in brochures and on their own website.

Remember that as an employer, it is your responsibility to provide and maintain the quality of PPE face masks clothing, and safety shoes for the job. If not and an accident occurs at work, the consequences can be enormous. We can categorize work clothes by type of clothing, type of hazard, and body area as follows:

1. The helmet and insoles protect the feet from puncture injuries

2. Rubber and waterproof coating to protect your feet from harmful chemicals

3. Heat resistance and reflectivity are said to provide security against heat and fire

4. The presence of various types of safety boots makes it easier for workers to choose a pair of boots that are made specifically for their work.

Some of the most common types of PPE are:

1. High visibility clothing

2. Chemical protective clothing

3. Protective clothing with chainsaws

4. Industrial work clothes

5. Protective sports clothing

There is a long list of work clothes used for a variety of physical tasks. Workwear manufacturers continue to innovate and technologically develop their products to expand the range of protective clothing. Some common work clothes are overalls, bib shorts, insulated clothing, and parkas.