Social Networking – A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn is the first job website to combine the best of two areas: the ability to search for jobs online using their job search engine, and the ability to connect with like-minded people and friends to drive job searches. You can get more information about Linkedin  resume services via

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What does offer employees and employers? offers its users three main features: allows users (without leaving the site) to post resumes and profiles, create a professional/social network, and search for job posts. On their network, users can request recommendations from other people. job posts are of the highest quality. If the user has a relationship with someone who already knows about that particular job, they already ran away before sending out the resume.

This website has a detailed “How to Use LinkedIn” guide with instructions to help those looking to get to the heart of LinkedIn. Job postings for larger mega-sites like or outnumber those on, but none of the social media sites on the mega-sites mentioned are as close to a professional relationship as those on LinkedIn. com. benefits include:

  • For job seekers, this is the best job. It’s like Facebook with professional people, so it’s a great way to stay in touch with the business community.
  • Two great services in one package: great website and job search engine.
  • Users can deactivate their “public profile”. This is part of data protection.
  • It combines networking and job search functions.
  • Has excellent peer reviews and reputation.