Steel Pipe Elbow Applications and Types

In simple terms, steel pipe elbow is a type of pipe fitting connected between two pipes. The main purpose is to change the course of direction. As we know, steel elbow can be classified into different degrees, normally is 45 degree steel pipe elbow, 90 degree steel pipe elbow and 180 degree steel pipe elbow.

Moreover,  90 degree steel pipe elbow of long radius (it is also known as ข้อศอกท่อเหล็ก 90 องศาของรัศมียาว in the Thai language) is installed between different lengths of pipe or tubing. It helps to change the direction at an angle of 90 degrees. It’s often used for connection of hoses to water pumps, deck drains, and valves.

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In addition, 45 degree elbow is to change pipe direction by 45 degree, it is second common used type in industrial pipelines. It is installed between two pipes so that the direction could be changed at an angle of 45 degrees. Since it creates lower frictional resistance, pressure also be lower.

Also, 180 degree is similar in shape with socket weld elbow, different is ladder area inner surface has been machined to threads, it makes more easy to install and un-install. Which is good for the pipeline repair and maintenance.

There are also other degree like 60° or 120° also used in pipeline systems in specific requirements. Stainless steel is that it can generally be fabricated, welded and cut with ease, thus increasing its adaptability and range of application. This makes stainless steel the first choice of material in many diverse situations.