Information Shared By Professionals Regarding Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality can usually be thought of as a type of modern virtual reality. When the physical aspects of the real world are simulated with an imaginary mind using touch, images and sound, and computer-generated 3D settings are created, it is called the virtual world.

Currently, AR is not limited to promotional items because AR is now creating brands and building relationships with customers. Almost every company like hapticmedia has started using AR reality marketing as the main tool to present their products / services in the market and to create their own brand image.

Augmented Reality application

Due to the lack of academic research as well as research in the field of augmented reality marketing, this article will begin with an emphasis on small-scale research as well as a small number of scientific articles on marketing skills that will form the basis and elements of this research.

Economists argue that the modern world is closely related to the “experiential economy” element, meaning that customers are more likely to experiment more with consumption. With this type of behavior, customers usually perceive functional benefits as inappropriate aspects. This is the phase when seasonal marketing takes effect, treating consumption as a kind of holistic experience and recognizing the rational and emotional drivers of consumption.

The importance of skilled marketing is seen as a method of creating value for the end user which will ultimately become an additional asset for the business, particularly in the future. It will also encourage customers to make faster and more positive purchasing decisions.

Although the new advertising orientation was widely accepted as a symbol of future marketing, it was not fully understood. Therefore, more diverse research techniques are needed to better understand consumers.