Create A Perfect Business Card

Take the time to think about what your business card says about you. This will be the first impression of your company for many people you meet. If it goes wrong, people will think the same about your business, but it's easy to make your business card work better for you.

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Here are the best design tips for creating the perfect business card:

Say what you do!

People keep business cards for a long time and will forget their name and company name shortly after they meet it. Therefore, the card should remind you that you are the ones to print the company logo on the USB stick.

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Don't forget what your card is for

Remember the main reason for business cards for people to get your contact details. This ensures that the phone number, email address, and website are legible. Make sure the phone numbers are primarily in an easy-to-read font.

Do not print your card yourself

No matter how tight your budget is, don't be tempted to produce your business cards at home. Even if you have a color printer that can print on the card, once they are in place with your competitors' card, you will regret trying to save money on them.