Introduction To Kobelco Construction Machinery

With the recent increase in weight and dimensions of building materials and the height of high-rise buildings, mobile cranes must have a lifting capacity as well as improving productivity and safety.

To meet these needs, companies have recently developed these cranes "all-rounder" who can handle a wide variety of applications in different job sites using solid achievements and technologies in comprehensive Kobelco cranes and the heaviest lifts handling on large-scale projects. There are many companies that provide kobelco cranes in nz or Kobelco crawler cranes through nz distributor like TRT

Main Features

A wide variety of attachments

Various types of attachments are available from the configuration of the standard crane, including fixed arrow, heavy fixed boom, and luffing jib, which is most suitable for the work to multiple uses, the configuration of the superjumbo, whose luffing jib, for heavier lifts.

Optimizing specifications for the environment of the actual work site

In order to obtain maximum ease of operation, the specifications are optimized for the environment of the actual work site. The performance landing the train has been enhanced to run on rough terrain sites, with ground clearance and outstanding propulsive performance, while minimizing the overall footprint.

Models inherit a reliable Kobelco hydraulic control system that has gained an upper reputation for these many years.

Reliable and easy cab for the operator

The cab is designed for an environment conducive to the operator taking into account the comfort, ease of use, and security. The extra-large windows and the tilt mechanism offers excellent visibility cab.

Excellent transportability/assembly

Companies looked at the needs of customers in each area so that these cranes can comply with local transport regulations. A self-assembly system is available for crawlers, down arrow, the bodyweight of the car, and against weight.