Social Networking – A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn is the first job website to combine the best of two areas: the ability to search for jobs online using their job search engine, and the ability to connect with like-minded people and friends to drive job searches. You can get more information about Linkedin  resume services via

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What does offer employees and employers? offers its users three main features: allows users (without leaving the site) to post resumes and profiles, create a professional/social network, and search for job posts. On their network, users can request recommendations from other people. job posts are of the highest quality. If the user has a relationship with someone who already knows about that particular job, they already ran away before sending out the resume.

This website has a detailed “How to Use LinkedIn” guide with instructions to help those looking to get to the heart of LinkedIn. Job postings for larger mega-sites like or outnumber those on, but none of the social media sites on the mega-sites mentioned are as close to a professional relationship as those on LinkedIn. com. benefits include:

  • For job seekers, this is the best job. It’s like Facebook with professional people, so it’s a great way to stay in touch with the business community.
  • Two great services in one package: great website and job search engine.
  • Users can deactivate their “public profile”. This is part of data protection.
  • It combines networking and job search functions.
  • Has excellent peer reviews and reputation.

Tips To Build A Stronger Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn is just not another job site; it is quite different from others. It is a kind of professional network through which you can get remarkable jobs, grow your business network or get the best career opportunities. If you lack time to update your profile regularly, a professional resume writer can assist you. If you want to get more information about linked resume services visit

So how to set yourself out of the crowd and grant LinkedIn the limelight; getting an impressive and powerful profile can be of real help in this regard. How to build such a profile? Let us checkout.

Navigate Through the Website: This is of utmost necessary to understand how the website works. This will help you use this only professional network for your benefit. If you lack enough time to do a bit of research on the website, engage LinkedIn profile writers as they are aware of the website and how the site can truly help.

Make More Contacts: Have business contacts and people from your domain in your list; this helps you get a picture of what is going on in the marketplace and get new job opportunities through them. 

But for this whole concept to be successful it is necessary that you add appropriate professionals to your list. LinkedIn profile service also helps you choose the professionals whom you should add to your profile to get proper job information.

Update Your Profile: This is one of the most important things that you need to do to get success in your career through LinkedIn. There are multiple job seekers on the website and hence a dormant profile does not attract many viewers. 

Job Hunting With A Great LinkedIn Profile

The scope of LinkedIn is global; however, you also have the power to enhance your local network. This article was written to help you to create an effective LinkedIn profile page and offers some techniques that will enable you to stand out amongst competitor’s profiles. For more information about Linkedin services, you can search Linkedin resume services via

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connects you with 500+ million professionals and accesses 10 million job posts worldwide.

LinkedIn has a profile completeness/effectiveness meter at the right side of your profile page that gives you an indication of the degree of completeness. Experts believe that a complete profile is 40 times more likely to receive more offers. 

With complete details, your profile has a better chance to appear higher in searches than your job searching competitors.


Keywords are the search phrases related to your work that your employers enter in search fields to find potential employees. Adding such keywords in all sections ensures the visibility of your profile to more potential employers. 

For example, employers looking for people in the finance, financial related services, and valuation and multiple valuations fields are more likely to find you if you add these phrases in your profile with at least 3% density.


Recommendations are extremely helpful and proof of your profile credibility, and this is what all potential employers seek in any profile. Having recommendations from past clients and employers will make your profile stand out among your competitors.

Ensure Career Growth With LinkedIn Profile Creation


If we want to draw the perfect career curve, social media tools like LinkedIn are the perfect tools. New connections can be made to help you find new jobs. Links can be shared on this platform and their status can be updated on LinkedIn. You can get more information about LinkedIn profile writing service via //

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Create a LinkedIn account

Creating a LinkedIn account is quite simple and straightforward. The next step immediately after setting up a LinkedIn account is to work on a LinkedIn account. It’s a pretty tedious job, but once it’s done it can pay off. 

When creating a LinkedIn account, it’s important that you take your time and work on various aspects in turn. Once you are done, the only thing to do is to keep updating the account.

Do and don’t need to if you created a LinkedIn account

Professional LinkedIn account builders should always keep in mind that the details are not limited in any way. It is very important to have a profile photo with your profile as it shows how serious someone is about their profile. 

Every part of the account must be completed correctly. Certain numbers should be used to measure performance.

Professional resume creation – the key to a successful career

The resume is a very important document that can be the key to a successful career. This document is the first introduction to potential recruiters. It’s important to prepare your resume with care and precision.

LinkedIn Resume Writing Tips

It is quite true that you will never get a second chance to make a first impersonation. A resume provides a latent employer with an insight into the type of employee that you will be. There are many companies that provide resume writing services, if you want to get more information you can search LinkedIn resume writing services via

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 Here are some tips and tricks that can assist in this endeavor.

1: Formatting Counts:

It is vital to have two versions of your resume. One is for online viewing and the other for in-person interviews and job fairs. It is often the case that many fonts, lines, bullets, and other fancy formatting are not well processed on all computers so online submitted resumes should be as basic as possible in terms of formatting.

2: Spell  And Reality Check:

Before sending in your resume, ensure that you spell check with the proper word processing software. After doing this make sure that you let another person give it a quick read called a “reality check” to make certain that the software did not miss anything and that you did not make any errors that your computer could not pick up on. This is vital as errors can cost you your next job.

3: Not Too Long, But Not Too Short:

There is always a debate as to how long or short a resume should be. This can be difficult to determine. Some professionals believe in resumes that are one page long but this can be very restrictive unless you possess only a few skills and experiences. 

Five Ways a Great Linkedin Profile Writing Can Help Land Your Dream Job

Social media giant, LinkedIn, is increasingly becoming a reference point in the global job market for both employment seekers and recruiters. For getting more information, search  Linkedin resume services via

Here are five ways it can help you land your dream job:

Gives You Visibility:

With LinkedIn, your resume can be accessed by thousands of potential recruiters. Just be sure to optimize your page. Five Star Resume offers professional LinkedIn profile writing services , if you are not sure how to do it yourself.

Substantiates Your Credentials:

LinkedIn allows you to add items to your portfolio, including videos, images, PDF files, and even links, which provide more proof that you can in fact do what you say you can.

Allows You to Be More Descriptive:

A regular resume and cover letter can only say so much and no more. A well-thought-out LinkedIn profile can help you better describe what you do by including a descriptive title, relevant profile photo, summary, and past experiences.

Helps You Build Your Network:

Networking in the real world can be a daunting task. On LinkedIn, you can quickly and easily reach out to numerous CEOs and influencers, many of whom might be looking for the skills you offer. Social media giant, LinkedIn, is increasingly becoming a reference point in the global job market for both employment seekers and recruiters. 

Exposes You to the Right Jobs:

Optimizing your profile and making relevant connections will allow the LinkedIn jobs section to display employers and jobs to you that you’re more likely to be interested in.