What Kind of Batteries Do Vape Devices Require?

The battery is an important component of the hardware every Vaper this, whether you know it or not. Simply put, they provide the power needed to vaporize the e-liquid you: no power, no steam. If you have a smaller pod or cigalike system, chances are your battery is integrated into the device and is not replaced.

But if you have more advanced personal vaporizer (APV, or "mod box"), it is likely then that you should familiarize yourself with the world of cell lithium-ion high-discharge. You can also purchase lithium ion vape batteries online.

All steam devices utilize lithium-ion battery that can be recharged (with the rare exception of disposable pre-filled cigalikes), though each device has its own specific battery needs. In this article, we will look at the differences between the integrated and removable battery and learn how to stay safe while using them.

Integrated battery

As mentioned above, the most pod and cigalike smaller devices using integrated battery, which means it is built into the body of the steam device and are not intended to be removed or replaced. Integrated battery will use a chemical called lithium ion or lithium polymer and combined with the circuitry, controls, and the outer casing to form a unified system single connecting to the atomizer.

The most convenient aspect of the integrated cell is that charging is usually achieved with a micro-USB port which is used to fill a number of other devices. In addition to charging, there is absolutely no battery maintenance is required – plug in and boom, you are charging your device.