Custom Suits For Muscular Men

Muscular men tend to have a terrible time finding suits that fit perfectly, very often they have to settle with big oversized clothes that make them look sloppy and can ruin the whole look.

The reason for this is that the fashion industry has a predetermined proportion standard, in the case of suits they call it the "drop"."Drop'' is the ratio between the size of the shoulder of the chest and the waist. Men’s custom suits are designed with proper measurements and look fantastic on all body types.


It is not uncommon to find a muscular guy with a 44"chest with a 58" arm and a 32"waist. To compensate for department store sales folks will frequently try to match you in a suit that's double dimensions. Is one that is large to accommodate. Shoulders, but this ends in pants and a coat waist that's now 5 or 6 sizes too big. They then recommend that you"just" alter it. The final product is a shredded one. Looks just like a suit that still does not fit.

Find a fantastic tailor who specializes in designing custom suits. Speak to him before your shopping trip and he will help lead you on what changes he can make and which ones he would recommend you avoid.

Search for the slimmer cut designer. While this counter may seem intuitive, a slimmer cut designer utilizes a greater fall that provides you a better chance at less shuffling. The Prada lawsuit, for instance, includes a 10-7 drop. 58"44" return to the example of a 32"muscle guy.

That means they can place him at 48" dimensions and coat and trousers waist, 41" where a size 48" would be a 44" in relation to the industry standard. This will always give the best fit but maybe a higher cost than a rack version. But it can be argued that it is better to pay more to get something that pays for something that doesn't fit.