Xylanase Enzyme For Animal Feed Industry

Xylanase is widely distributed in nature and also can be obtained in animals, bacteria, and plants. As an instance, xylanase is found in marine and terrestrial bacteria, marine algae, fungi, yeast, rumen, and ruminant germs, soil-plant cells, and various invertebrates. 

Xylanase of the microbial source is omnipresent, and also has a huge selection of programs in a vast variety of fields. Thus, there are lots of reports on the study of esophageal xylanase.

the best xylanase enzymes

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Lately, the most researched and employed xylanase from fungi and bacteria is germs. One of these bacteria can create acid and alkaline xylanase, while fungi can only produce alkaline xylanase. 

BioSorb — ACDXis a Xylanase / Hemicellulase enzyme complex derived from a selected strain of Non-GMO bacterial species. It's been created to break down the Xylan, Arabinan along other Hemi Cellulolytic elements in cellulosic materials.


BioSorb — ACDX is a Xylanase Enzyme in liquid and powder form. It's intended to divide Xylan / Hemicellulose things within the animal feed. Xylan / Hemicellulose is one of the significant non-starch polysaccharides within the feed; consequently, hydrolysis is crucial for loss of viscosity of the feed from the intestines of poultry, ruminants, and mono gastrointestinal animals.

BioScour -ACDX Provides the following advantages Animal Feed Industry:

-Assists in the digestion Procedure.

-Decreases viscosity of the feed.

-Improves uptake of nutrition.