Taking Care of Your Favorite Narwhal Fountain Pen

Writing with a Narwhal fountain pen makes your writing good, but they are not easy to use. Narwhal fountain pens are not only used for writing or signing an important document, but also for an artistic purpose. 

Nowadays, people go to keep a collection of different fountain pens as they are not used for regular purposes. Narwhal fountain pens are very representative and should be taken good care of. To know more about narwhal fountain pen you can visit, www.thepenworld.com/brand/narwhal/.

Narwhal Fountain Pen

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Here are some steps using which you can take good care of your favorite Narwhal fountain pens and solve some issues that can make a fountain pen ink:

Keeping you fountain pen clean

There are parts of fountain pens that often need to be cleaned, for example, nib and feed. The part that allows ink to flow smoothly is called a feed. To clean the fountain pen, we must first remove the nib from the barrel. The lemon is required to rinse with water at room temperature; Distilled water is preferable because tap water may contain dust particles.

Using a Fountain Pen Properly

As we know that a fountain pen is a very sensitive pen, thus we should not press it hard while writing as it can damage the nib. The ink should not be older than 2-3 years because molds can grow on the surface, which in turn will damage the feed, and the writing will not be clear.