Things To Know About Asphalt Repair in Charlotte,NC

When it comes to asphalt repair, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about what damages the asphalt. The two most common causes of asphalt damage are UV rays and water damage. Ultraviolet light breaks down the bitumen material in the asphalt and causes cracks. Water penetrates the asphalt through the cracks and allows the base material to saturate and wash. Because the basic material is swept from under the asphalt, causing the asphalt to continue to crack and eventually become a hole. Now that the hole has been made, the soil under the hole needs to be treated before paying for it again. If you are looking to hire the best contractor for asphalt repair in Charlotte NC visit

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First of all, the soaked material must be removed. Normally, the size of the equipment required for excavation rely on the size of the problem area. The material can be excavated with anything from tiny miniatures to large digging tools. After the area is assessed and the material removed, the perimeter of the problem area needs to be trimmed.  If you follow these steps at the beginning, your final product will be stronger and more attractive.

After cutting the saw around the perimeter, clean the asphalt and material in the affected area thoroughly. The area must be clean and free of dirt. All wet material must be removed from the area to create a suitable surface for the new base material. After removing the wet material, replace the area with a new sealing material, such as a rubber sealant.

You are finally ready for the floor. The new asphalt material must be asphalted to the same depth as the existing asphalt. To ensure that the area is equal to the height of the existing asphalt, you need to ensure that the new asphalt is compacted with a vibratory roller. Finally, clean the entire work area with a fan and remove excess dirt.