Things You Should Know About Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging connects the physical world with the electronic world: smart packaging forms a perfect”digital bridge function” between manufacturers, retailers, consumers and social networking channels.

What is Smart Packaging?
“Smart Packaging” describes packaging with extended functions.Usually there are two types of smart packaging – Active packaging and intelligent packaging:

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Active Packaging
Active packaging is packaging that interacts with the material and thereby increase shelf life or quality of the contents during storage. The active components can be incorporated to the packaging or added separately in the form of inserts.

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Intelligent packaging

Intelligent packaging offers additional benefits that extend beyond mere packaging jobs. This”intelligence” of this packaging is essentially the result of a”communication” with the outside world.

Additional benefits might include diagnostic functions and indicator functions that used indicators or sensors to monitor the state of the solution and supply info. e.g : tightness, storage time, temperature or freshness.

Alternately, indicator or sensor can be incorporated in the packaging, placed outside or inside the packaging.

However, the usage of smart packaging should not be mostly oriented towards tendencies and image cultivation, but should focus on the benefits for the company itself and its own clients.

The potential and added value of innovative packaging should be profitable for consumers, manufacturers and retailers.