Trays And Their Many Uses

When many of us think of trays, strange as they may seem, the first thing that comes to mind is the trays we all use in elementary school cafes. This tray has separate compartments, just like when we were kids.

Fast food restaurants always have gold platter trays where customers can bring their food to their table. They are also commonly used in workplace cafes. Your waiter at your favorite restaurant will bring the food to your table on a tray.

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Restaurants and catering companies love them because, thanks to their polycarbonate construction, they don't break into pieces if dropped, and therefore there is no risk of injury.

The tray is very durable. They can be washed repeatedly in the dishwasher without risk of damage. Although it goes without saying, for all these reasons plastic trays are necessary for the catering industry not only for the customers but also for the companies themselves.

It's not just the food industry. Trays are used in a variety of businesses such as in electronic organization and housing; in the medical industry for packaging, shipping, and managing medical supplies such as catheters and pacemakers; as packaging trays and containers in the telecommunications industry.

Used for the internal organization of parts and components for the production of cars; for packaging parts and toy components for use in electronic games; for companies that use the injection molding process; and for many other uses.