Types Of Laser Marking System

It is very crucial to know the characteristics of different lasers while picking the most optimal laser machine for your business. For expeditious processing, you need to choose a wavelength absorbed strongly by the material.

CO2 laser marking machines are considered best for marking glass of trophies or awards permanently. You can get the 3d laser crystal engraving services via https://www.crystalsensations.com/decorative-methods/sub-surface-laser-engraving/.

Here I present types of laser marking systems with their characteristics to help you choose the most suitable laser technology for your application :

beam wavelength: 10.6micrometers

posses very good beam quality

offers high efficiency

ideal for non-metallic materials, mostly plastic, and also works with glass, paper, acrylic, wood, textiles, leather, and stone

Consumables and operating costs are almost the same for all-solid-state lasers. The output power of the solid-state laser can degrade over time degrading mark quality and speed in turn but this problem is solved with regular calibration of the laser marking system. Calibration will help to maintain the same power, mark quality, and speed over a long period of time.

Annealing: oxidation process of applying heat to the surface material. This process depends on heat to bring carbon to the surface from metal and make the crisp dark the mark. Used most in the medical industry.

Ablation: the process of removing an entire layer from solid metals by exposing it to laser radiations.

Coloration: It is the process of adding color to plastic or metal. Creates contrast in both colored and black and white materials.

There exist many lasers marking applications like engraving, annealing, foaming, ablation, and coloring and application demands different Laser Marking technology.

There are systems available with laser marking system manufacturers suitable for specific kinds of applications depending on their wavelength, life span, beam quality, etc.

It’s important to choose the right system for your business which can ensure efficient and cost-effective processing.