Various Machines For Key Cutting

Often, we lose or misplace the keys we need to continue our business as usual. Professional locksmith assistance should usually be sought in dealing with this inconvenience.

This can be time-consuming and often expensive. To avoid this problem, many users make copies of their keys. Most home furnishings and hardware stores offer this service for a minimal fee.

Duplicate keys are made with a key cutting machine that outlines the shape of the key through a computer system or simply holds the original key in place while the new key shape is cut. 

key cutting

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One type of machine used to make keys is semi-automatic, mostly self-contained. The user has to put the original key in one snap and the duplicate in another.

The gauge type follows the shape of the original key, while the duplicates are cut with a steel blade. When the cutting and shaping of the new lock is complete, a quick wire brush will go through the cut to ensure no metal spores are left on the lock.

Another machine is an automatic milling machine and there is very little the user of this device can do. All you have to do is insert the key into the machine, which will untangle the original twice for more accurate measurements, and then cut the lock with a titanium knife.

This machine also has a brush that removes metal flakes that may remain after cutting. The entire process only takes less than a minute.