What Does Architect Do To Make The Building Looks Attractive In Oslo?

Architectural services are broken down into phases, with some companies offering a different number of steps. These steps have slightly different names but the same description. In a residential project, they are divided into five main job categories. You can also hire professionals as energy consultants who are needed for these specific "small & large all projects" (which is also known as "sm og store alle prosjekter” in the Norwegian language):

· Schematic Design – This is where architects visit and analyze construction sites and gather information from clients about desired building ideas, budgets and needs to produce a comprehensive written "program" description of your design needs and goals.

· Design Development – After the client receives the initial design, this is the period in which a rough concept of the relationship in the actual design will be created. The design consists of floor plans, roof designs, with interior and exterior cladding and details that define the architectural style.

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· Construction documents – detailed drawings are an essential prerequisite for obtaining a building permit. Detailed drawings with written specifications must be detailed enough for subcontractors and customers to understand them.

· Quotation – Clients can bring their own contractor to bid, but the architect will answer questions to clarify plans and issues raised by the contractor. They will recommend who can best meet customer needs when we tackle quality, cost, and planning issues.

· Construction Management – The architect can act as the owner's representative to ensure that builders and contractors are following their plans and specifications. It is important that the architect does not control the contractor under a contract that he is not responsible for errors as long as he carries out the inspection in good faith.