What Should You Eat For Effective Workout

Basically, I recommend that you only have one serving of fruit and one cup of coffee. That's all you need for a great sport.

By the way – if you look at most pre-workout supplements – the main ingredient is this carb and coffee combination. The rest is just scent and other nonsense. So save your money and eat your fruit! You can also get ideas from https://wsid.com/ to make your workout effective.

This is what I usually eat before training:

• Apple + black coffee

• Banana + black coffee

• 2 slices of bread + black coffee

When to eat

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In terms of time – between 30 and 20 minutes before your workout – I've found the right window for your pre-workout meal. This gives you enough time for the nutrients to get into your blood and have nothing to upset your stomach!

What to eat after exercise: Eat after exercise

After exercising, the next meal is after eating. The goal of post-workout nutrition is to take advantage of the momentum you started with your workout. The following points should be considered after a post-workout meal.

• Refill with fuel you burn from muscles during exercise (refill glycogen).

• Muscle building and muscle regeneration and growth support

• Recovery assistance

After a workout, your muscles are like a sponge and your hormones are instructed to transfer nutrients to the muscles.

In fact, after a workout, the body is so ready for rest and repair that it picks up all the junk you eat and tries to find the good things in it and uses it for your muscles.