Why You Should Be Using A Voice Evacuation System

A voice evacuation system is a critical part of any business. Whether you're operating a small office or a large factory, it's vital to make sure you have an emergency exit plan in place. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using a voice evacuation system for your business.

Auditoriums and large rooms can be difficult to manage quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency. When such a situation arises, panic, confusion, and overcrowding are likely. As a result, people become injured or worse. These things may happen because no alarm or evacuation plan was established and in place. A voice evacuation system is one of the most useful additions you can make to your facility's safety plan.

How Voice Evacuation Systems Work

A voice evacuation system uses an amplifier or digital communication interface to broadcast voice messages over a speaker system in the building. These messages are pre-recorded, usually by professionals who have the right equipment and expertise to ensure the message is loud and clear without any distortion or feedback.

The message itself is designed to be understood easily by anyone in the building, regardless of whether they speak English or not. It gives clear instructions about what's happening and what people should do. Usually, these messages tell people to exit the building immediately but may also include other details depending on the situation.

Voice Evacuation is most effective at alerting people during a fire situation because it is audible for great distances, allowing the message to be heard throughout a large building. Fire alarms can be installed with strobe lights or flashing lights for those who are hearing impaired, but these flashing lights are often not enough to be effective at alerting everyone within a large building or campus of buildings.

3 Reasons why you should be using a voice evacuation system for your business

When it comes to safeguarding the people, assets and reputation of your business, there are several points you must consider. Whether it’s damage caused by fire or adverse weather conditions, ensuring that your employees and customers are protected from unforeseen events is critical to the survival of your business. There are many ways in which you can provide this level of protection, from installing pava system to implementing a fire detection system. But what about a voice evacuation system?

In the event of an emergency, having a voice evacuation system in place enables you to communicate with those affected by the incident quickly and easily. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using a voice evacuation system for your business:

1. It meets code requirements

All states and municipalities have strict building codes that require some form of fire alarm system for all commercial establishments in order to ensure the safety of occupants. Most localities mandate a voice evacuation system as part of their building safety requirements because it’s generally accepted that these systems provide the most effective means for ensuring orderly evacuations in the case of an emergency.

2. Effective guidance during emergencies

Many people panic when they hear a fire alarm go off and they have no idea what to do next. With a voice evacuation system, people will be instructed via intelligible recorded messages to move in an orderly fashion towards both primary and secondary exits. This helps to decrease people’s anxiety while simultaneously making sure they move away from danger as quickly as possible

3. Voice Evacuation Systems are Flexible

Voice alarm systems can be integrated with other types of fire alarm systems or can be used as stand-alone systems. This means they can be installed in buildings of all sizes and complexity, from small offices to large shopping malls.


Are you looking for electromagnetic door locks supplier in Dubai?

Are you looking for electromagnetic door locks supplier in Dubai? If yes, then you are at the right place. At Electromagnetic door lock supplier Dubai they offer a wide range of these products and services. They have been working in this business for many years, you can rely on this for getting the best solutions for magnetic door locking. 

Electromagnetic Door Lock are always used for office, apartment or commercial buildings. It is usually used to replace the conventional magnetic lock. These electromagnetic access control systems are the combination of reliable security and ease of management for any buildings or commercial places.  

The electromagnetic door locks supplier Dubai provides different types of locks for different purposes. For example, there is the code lock that allows you to change the code on your own.

Electronic door locks are the most desirable and advanced types of locking systems available in the modern world. These are preferable as compared to its counterparts like deadbolts, mortise locks, etc. Even though there are numerous brands available in the market which offer various models of electronic locking systems, to purchase the best products is a daunting task. 

Electromagnetic door lock is an access control device, it’s also known as Maglock that locks a door in a magnetic way. Electromagnetic lock is installed on the door frame with one magnet on the top and one at the bottom of the frame and the two magnets connect with each other when electricity passes through them.

What Is An Electromagnetic Door Lock?

Electromagnetic door locks are installed to secure doors without the use of traditional mechanical key and lock. The electromagnetic door lock is an alternative to many modern door locking systems.

Electromagnetic locks are typically used on doors where it is desirable to have a minimum amount of hardware on the door such as in food service and cleanroom environments.

An electromagnetic lock is composed of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The electromagnet is mounted on the door frame and the armature plate is mounted on the door. When current passes through the electromagnet, a magnetic field is created that attracts the armature plate and locks the door. Once power is cut from the electromagnet, the spring-loaded armature releases and the door can open.

6 Things You Need To Know About An Electromagnetic Door Lock

A magnetic door lock provides very secure locking for your doors. They are a popular option for businesses that need to restrict access to their buildings. A magnetic door lock is installed on the top of the door frame, and an armature plate is mounted on the door itself. A power supply connects to a wall socket and powers the magnets that hold the door closed.

You can also find magnetic door locks in pedestrian and other restricted-access doors. If you have questions about how they work, or whether they are appropriate for your business or home, here are six things you should know about electromagnetic door locks:

1.  Electromagnetic door locks require power to operate

While the electromagnet does not require a lot of power to operate, it does require some sort of power source. In most cases, the power is provided by batteries that are housed within the lock. Some models have an indicator light that will tell you when the batteries are running low. The batteries should be replaced as soon as possible so that they do not quit while the door is locked.

2. Electromagnetic Door Locks Offer High Security

Electromagnetic door locks offer a high level of security in commercial settings because the mechanism is hidden out of sight and cannot be tampered with when the door is closed. This means that only authorized personnel can open the door by accessing the mechanism through a keypad or other security device.

3. What Type Of Electromagnetic Lock Should I Get?

There are two types of electromagnetic locks: shear locks and magnetic locks. Shear locks have a solenoid that pushes the bolt into the strike plate when it's energized. Magnetic locks use a magnetic force to hold the door closed when it's energized. Magnetic locks are more secure than shear locks because they can't be picked or forced open like shear locks can be.

4. Magnetic locks are not pick-proof 

They’re pick resistant. Magnetic locks are virtually unpickable, but it doesn’t stop people from trying. If someone is determined enough, they can still break into your property with the right tools. That being said, magnetic locks are virtually unpickable for the average thief and will deter even the most determined criminals.

5. Can it be opened from outside?

Yes, the electromagnetic door lock can be opened from outside with a key or by pressing a button near the latch if there is one installed on your door. However, it does not work in reverse – meaning that it cannot be opened from outside when locked inside. If someone tries to open it from inside without having access to any keys then they will not succeed because there will be no way for them to pull apart those two parts which create an invisible force field around them and prevents anyone from opening up their magnetic locks unless they have access to keys or some other method of opening.

6. Electromagnetic locks are a form of fail-safe locking

What this means is that in the event of a power failure, the lock will open automatically. The reason for this is that when power is lost, the electromagnet can no longer keep the door held shut, so it releases it. This may seem like a problem, but it is actually an advantage in many cases. For example, if there's a fire, you would want all doors to open automatically so that people can escape quickly and safely.


How to Make an Ideal Choice for Drill Bits for your DIY Tasks?

Are you looking for Drill Bits for your DIY tasks? You will realize that there are numerous drill bits available in the market. When you go shopping for these Drill Bits, a huge selection might confuse you. Here is a guideline for choosing the ideal Drill Bits for your DIY project.

Drill Bit in UAE are commonly used in a number of industrial and residential tasks. They are used to perfectly drive down screws into easily destructible materials. The right drill bits can make the drilling easier, more convenient, and quicker to achieve the desired results. Because of their widespread usage and custom nature, drills have become one of the most appreciated tools within any given home or industrial toolbox. Although you may think that choosing the right drill bit is trivial and standard, this is not always the case. There are numerous drill bits on the market, all which have various characteristics that must be understood prior to any purchase decision being made. Furthermore, many very similar-looking drill bits can in fact differ in function and quality. 

When it comes to choosing the right MA Ford Carbide Drills, there are many factors that should be considered. Whether you are a DIY homeowner or someone in the construction industry, drill bits should always be chosen with care. After all, long-lasting tools will not only help you achieve your project objectives but save you money and frustration as well.

A straight, smooth and clean hole is what you want while you are drilling holes in various surfaces. Sometimes, even a simple installation of different types of furniture or shelves can solely depend on the ability to drill a hole in the particular surface you are drilling. The most important factor for attaining a perfect solution through drilling as a task would be usage of different types of drill bits that can come into use according to the nature and type of surfaces used.

How To Choose The Best Drill Bits For A Task.

If you are planning to do some DIY home improvement, then the first thing that you should have in your tool kit is a good quality drill. A drill comes with a set of drill bits and these bits will come handy for drilling holes in various materials for varied purposes. There are many types of drill bits available in the market to choose from. To make an ideal choice:

1. Choose the right material

Drill bits are made of different materials like carbon steel, high-speed steel, cobalt steel, and titanium coated. The material chosen depends on the purpose of use and the material to be drilled. For example, if you want to drill holes in wood then you can go for carbon steel bits and if you plan to drill metal or masonry then high speed or cobalt steel bits would be ideal. There are also special types of drill bits available for drilling into the glass and ceramic tiles.

2. High-quality drill bit

You might think that you don't have to worry about the quality of your drill bit if you plan on using it only for light-duty jobs. You will be surprised at the difference a high-quality drill bit can make especially when drilling a hole that is deep and wide. The high-quality steel material will ensure durability while its sharpness will give you precise results. It is best to avoid buying cheap drill bits because they can dull easily and can break while drilling holes in hard materials like concrete or rock.

3. Choose a Bit Based on Your Needs

You should also check how you will use the drill bit as well as what type of materials you need to cut. The most common drill bits are wood, masonry, and metal cutting ones. Here, it is important to choose a bit based on what kind of material you need to cut. Some people who want a woodworking project are unable to find appropriate wood drilling bits, so they can purchase a set that includes all kinds of drill bits including wood drill bits, masonry, and metal cutting ones.

Let’s have a look on some of the commonly used types of drill bits:

1. Twist drill bit: This type is popularly used for drilling wood, metal, and plastic. It consists of a conical tip which is responsible for cutting edges and a shaft with helical flutes that remove the material from the hole. The drills are available in various lengths, diameters, and degrees.

2. Spade bit: This type is also known as paddle bit which is mostly used to create large holes in woodworking applications. The drill has a centering tip at one end while a sharpened edge on the other side of the bit helps in cutting holes into wooden surfaces.

3. Countersink drill bit: This type of drill bit helps in creating countersunk surfaces in different materials like wood, metal, etc. They are normally equipped with two or three cutting edges and can be used for both drilling as well as countersinking purposes.

Thread Tool kit Cutting and Forming: The Ultimate Guide to Machining Thread

Thread Cutting and Forming: The Ultimate Guide to Machining Thread tool kit includes everything you need to know about thread cutting and forming: thread sizes, classifications, pitches, form diameters, standard thread-cutting tools and feeds/speeds, thread form, cutting dies, creating thread on a lathe, thread rolling dies and taps. Explanations are clear and easy to follow. Numerous illustrations assist with the text. A Thread tools kit Glossary is included in the back of the book for quick reference when looking up terms.

Thread cutting and forming refers to the process of cutting a hole in a workpiece and creating a matching thread on the hole. This is done by the use of either a single-point or multipoint tool, which is essentially a small drill bit with helical flutes to cut the threads. The main difference between this and other machining processes is that there is not just one axis of motion, but also two perpendicular axes in which the thread tool kit performs its operations.

Thread cutting and forming is a notable allied process for precision machining. It is an established method that is used to produce axi-symmetric geometries through a sequence of rapid cutting operations with the use of specialized thread milling cutters by volkel. Thread cutting and forming is the process of shaping threads on a machine part. In some cases, this involves high-speed machining operations such as roughing, profile threading and finish threading.

Types of Machining Threads

1. Internal Thread Tool kit

Internal Thread tool kit Definition Internal, or hidden thread definition is when the threads are not visible from the outside of the hole. This is typically used in it's application on small holes and is often referred to as a "blind hole". Internal threads are what keep machine parts together inside of a machine. Internal threading is also known as form threads, straight threads or non-tapered threads. These components have a large number of machining options you can purchase from Volkel.

2. External Threads Tool Kit

External threads are used in plastic or metallic parts. An external thread is fine-threaded and does not extend through a hole to the inside of the part. The thread character is described by its lead, root diameter, major diameters, and minor diameters. When an internal thread is reversed and made external, which is called an external rethread, it becomes an external thread.

What Is A Machining Thread in Manufacturing?

Threading tool kit is one of the most common requirements in machining. Thread can be used for many applications such as fasteners, screws, bolts, studs, and pins. There are many different types of thread that are produced in different industries. This article will focus on the types of threads in the machining industry.

1. Tapered threads: Tapered threads have a square shoulder or root that tapers down to a smaller diameter at the end of the thread. This taper helps it cut its own mating thread due to its self-starting ability.

2. Acme threads: Acme threads are used in non-critical applications because they do not have a lead angle, but instead have a zero lead angle which produces very smooth and consistent cuts.

3. National coarse: National coarse threads are also known as UN coarse and UNC coarse threads. The "UNC" stands for "Unified National Course". These threads have a 0.1360 pitch diameter with an American National Coarse thread tolerance of +/- 0.0015 inches per inch (0.0433 mm per mm).

4. National fine: National fine threads are also known as UN fine and UNC fine threads. The "UNC" stands for "Unified National Course". The process of cutting internal threads on a machine is as simple as cutting external threads, but there are some considerations that must be observed to ensure the best possible results. The first thing to consider is choice of tool. There are many different types of threading tools available for cutter plates ranging from conventional three-flute cutters to spiral-point cutters, and even those designed specifically to optimize thread quality.

A Threading tool kit is a used for plumbing to push a pipe through the wall, ceiling or floors and fix it in place with a pipe sealant. Threading tool helps in making holes in different materials. A threaded through makes easy insertion of a threaded material possible that includes pipes, screws and nails. It also makes masonry walls, ceilings and other materials holes in them for push through or attachment of items or tools. You can get the Threading tool kit from Trusted Hardware shop in Dubai, UAE.

Five brands by which you can recognize a watch expert.

Most watch aficionados are currently collectors of classic watches. A true collector does not go for replicas but seeks authentic watches, which are extremely durable and long-lasting. While there are numerous brands of expensive watches in the market today, here are five brands worth mentioning when it comes to being genuine watch experts.

Watch is a status symbol, a portable timepiece.  There are a number of watches brands, which you can recognize among others. Each brand has its own style and history, which can be considered as a basis for choosing Branded Watches Online by them. In this article, we're going to tell you about the best well-known watch brands.

The watch industry is a sector that follows the fashion trends of the global society, creating an ever-changing and very competitive world where only logic and detailed knowledge can be your guide. If you are thinking about starting a career in this type of job, you need to get acquainted with some basic concepts.

Five Brands By Which You Can Recognize New Watch

1. Casio Watch Brand

People who are actually into watches may feel that there are certain rules to determining whether a timepiece is genuine. The more expensive, top-of-the-line Casio watch models all come with an authenticity guarantee. Along with this guarantee, there are other ways to recognize whether or not a Casio watch is real.

Casio watches have been part of the watch industry for over 30 years. During this time, Casio has grown to be one of the most recognizable watch brands in the world. This is because every Casio Watch For Men is not only useful but also highly stylish. Whether you are looking for a casual everyday watch or a sporty racing watch, there are several brands available that can meet your needs.

2. Seiko Watch Brand

Seiko Watch Branded Watches have been around for a long time. The company was established in 1881 and the company has been a continuous leader in the watch industry not just because of its craftsmanship but also because of its innovation.

Seiko watch brands are found in most countries of the world. The Company is proud of its record of innovation and is committed to developing additional new products that will enhance the appeal of mechanical watches.

3. Fossil Watch Brand 

Fossil Watch Brand is one of the most famous brands of watches. This brand has surely come a long way, and it has made some huge innovations in the watch industry. When you are looking at this brand there are so many different factors that will draw their attention. The factors are many, but the most important factors are durability, value, and appearance.

Fossil watches are the ultimate urban watch. A true modern classic with a head-turning style, they are international favorites among all generations. Fossil is the place to go for original, affordable watches that will be forever treasured. The legacy continues with accessories, clothing, and sunglasses that create a timeless look for your life. Fossil has always been an innovator in fashion-forward timepieces that are also functional.

4. Citizen Watch Brand

Citizen Watches are popular everywhere. You can find them in cities, towns or countries just about anywhere. There are also several different styles, making them appealing to almost all audiences. Citizen Watches are high-quality watches that have been built to last for many years, if not a lifetime. If you want a top-of-the-line timepiece, there probably isn’t a better option than the Citizen Watch brand.

Citizen Watch is a watch brand, which was established in the year 1918. Soon it became one of the most preferred brands in the country of Japan, which later spread to many other Asian countries. From humble beginnings, Citizen has grown into being a worldwide renowned brand, today. It is perhaps the largest watch company in Japan itself.

5. Police Watch Brand

Police Watch Brand is a watch that tells you how close you are to the Police. It is the wearable tech that protects citizens from getting into trouble with law enforcement and authorities.

Police Watch Brand is one of the unique watches that are preferable to other types of watches. This is because Police Watch Brands are distinguished by their stylish special designs that are perfect for watch lovers. It has unique characteristics to attract many others. Police Watch Brand is mostly used in police agencies and different industries due to its special design and durability. If you find it challenging to find a suitable brand of watch, then the Police Watch Brand will be there at your service always.


Things To Consider While Choosing The Best School Intercom System

Intercom systems are an essential part of most schools, classrooms, offices, businesses, and even public places. With the use of intercom systems in schools being an essential requirement, most schools tend to ignore the notion of most important factors to be concerned with while buying an intercom system for their school. This is why most schools end up installing the wrong type of intercom system.

Wireless Intercom System is a kind of upgrade for your school which you need to look at properly. You need to understand that this kind of system can help to keep you informed with the activities and important dates instantly. It is the best and incredible source where you can connect teachers and students easily.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Intercom System In School


The perception of the school intercom system is what allures one to pick the best school intercom system. If you are looking for an audio system that should meet your needs, then choosing the right kind of audio system is necessary.

Intercoms are considered as one of the essential equipment for classrooms along with various other facilities like T.V, White Board etc. It is basically a system that facilitates complete interaction between teacher and student. 

Radio Units 

Radio Units are the most popular types of school intercom systems. They are very often used by schools to make announcements to students or teachers in different locations. Radio units are easy to use and highly flexible. This makes them the go-to choice for many establishments. Let us see how they work and why they are preferred by many including teachers, managers, staff, parents, students, etc.

Having an effective school intercom system or radio units is of great importance. It aids both in security, as well as educating the students of campus rules. However, before installing your school intercom system, you should first carefully consider the following information.

Crisis Call Station

The Schools use the Intercom System in order to communicate between the various departments or with parents at specific hours, mostly in emergency cases to save time in case of an accident. The School Intercom System plays an important role in communicating information in case any critical situation occurs in the school.

When choosing an intercom system, take a look at functionality and portability. There are a variety of systems for different situations. For instance, you have to choose if you want a wired or wireless system. You should also consider its size in relation to the space you need it in.

Access Control

While selecting a school intercom system, it is necessary to keep in mind the features that the system must have. There are a lot of factors that come into consideration while looking for a school intercom such as whether is it suitable for small schools or medium sized schools and so on. But most importantly, what you need to consider is the feature of access control.

Access control is an essential part of a school. As we all know, children and young adults aged between 5 and 21 years old require continuous supervision and care. To ensure their safety and security while they are having fun, playing and also learning in what is called the “playground”, you need to install the best school intercom system. This will enable you to access classrooms, hallways or other important areas of your chosen institution at any given time day and night without difficulty.

Know Everything About Single Exhaust VS. Dual Exhaust

If you are considering a new exhaust system for your vehicle there are a number of things to consider. One of the main things you’ll need to decide is if you want to go with a single or dual exhaust system.

Single Exhaust Systems

A single exhaust uses a single pipe to route the exhaust gases out of the vehicle. Single exit exhausts come factory-equipped in most vehicles. You can also try the VCM VE Commodore V8 OTR Intake kit from Black Ops Performance for unrivaled quality and performance for your vehicle.

There are a number of benefits to a new single exhaust, such as:

  • it’s lightweight
  • lower cost when it comes to replacing or modifying
  • increased gas velocity (the speed at which gas travels along a car exhaust pipe)
  • easier to replace — because these systems are more readily available

Depending on the single exhaust system that you choose, you can also benefit from:

  • improved sound
  • increased horsepower
  • increased fuel economy

Dual Exhaust Systems

The main difference between a single and dual exhaust system is that the dual exhaust system has two exit points instead of one. 

Therefore, it is able to push out twice as much exhaust more quickly because it’s not limited to a single pipe. 

This is the main benefit of a dual exhaust system because the more exhaust you can push out, the more air your engine can take in, increasing your vehicle’s horsepower. Other benefits of a dual exhaust system are: 

  • increased style – there are a number of different options when it comes to dual exhaust systems, whether it’s a dual real exit or cat-back exhaust, the style options are endless.
  • increased fuel economy
  • enhanced sound
  • helps to keep your engine cool

Essential Benefits of Pursuing Agile Project Training Courses

In this competitive world, understanding is your first and foremost thing that everybody must update. Without proper understanding, it will become impossible for anyone to learn in a specific section. 

Agile and Scrum have produced a deadly mix in the market during these past decades. You can also take the courses for different SAFe methodologies via Pretty Agile. There are uncountable numbers of organizations that have successfully employed Agile methodologies. 

Why Agile Training is vital?

But this expression'Agile' has given birth to misconceptions and misunderstanding too. An acceptable training will help you removing those misinterpretations about Agile. This training will provide you an exposure in addition to enables you to explain the gaps between its diverse implementations.

Well, here are the key advantages your company could avail if it allows the workers to integrate this specific methodology –

Create better quality!

Agile training if employed will lead your company to the sphere of exceptional productivity. It can allow you to be aware of how to stop product-related difficulties. Also, it is possible to readily adopt technical excellence. 

Great risk management strategy:

Who does not need to reduce project failure? Well, agile techniques would be the ideal method to eliminate any type of future disturbance of this undertaking. Agile suggests having a functioning product which generally begins with the very first sprint. 

Get a quicker ROI for your company:

It's a large actuality that agile has ever intended for quicker delivery of their product releases. This benefit will help keep your brand before any type of competition. In regards to agile project management, the growth of the project normally starts early. 

Know More About Boxing Gloves

Today, people stay updated with the news of the boxing match. The craze of boxing increases and sport has become more popular than any other sport. He noted one of the five popular sports known in the world.

Children, adults, and fans present themselves in the tendency to form the formation of boxing. Some people practice professionally while others do the same for their hobbies or learn to defend themselves from the opponents. You can buy the best quality MMA gloves via https://boxingroyale.com/fr/mma-kick-boxing/gants-mma-kickboxing.html (which is also called ‘ gants MMA de la Meilleure qualit via https://boxingroyale.com/fr/mma-kick-boxing/gants-mma-kickboxi ’ in French) which is suitable for competition or training.

The reason for the practice of this sport can be everything but it is important to consider gloves and their material.

In addition to the weight, one must make a selection from different options because each pair has its own advantages and disadvantages:

1. Bag Gloves: This is designed for speed bag formations when it defends fists to hurt themselves in speed bag classes. These are quite difficult to hit. On the market, there are different types of pairs to meet the level of use.

2. Training boxing workout – This is specially designed for users who are not very advanced in boxing. It can be said that this pair is intended for beginners or coaches but is not suitable for competitions.

3. Amateur gloves – As the name specifies, it is intended to fight against competitions.

4. Professional boxing gears – This is for professional games not intended for training and practice. It is because he weighs too much light and does not provide protection from the hands.

Choosing the best pair for training or battle should be essential to start. As a result, for selection purposes, it is necessary to take the help of its guide as a harmful chosen pair may hurt the user and his opponent.

The Profits Of Swimming Pool Covers

Having your own pool has many advantages for fun and your health. On hot summer days, being able to take a dive is a great way to cool down and escape with your friends and family. 

It's also a great way to get regular exercise and teach your children to swim. However, possessing your own pool requires regular maintenance and comes with potential security risks. 

That's why pool covers can save you a lot of time and help keep your children and pets safe. You can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing with a pool enclosure from https://www.poolenclosures-poolcovers.com.au/pool-enclosures/.

When you do not use your pool, it's a good idea to cover it to stop the debris from falling into it. Get sheets and other debris from a swimming pool can be a process of time consumption and likely to cause blockages in the filter and pump.

It is therefore reasonable to cover the pool when you do not use it, so you do not have to spend so much time staying clean.

Solar pool covers are a good idea because they are designed to heat the pool using the heat of the sun. They make it by reducing the amount of heat lost as a result of the water to evaporation of the surface. 

As a general rule, 90% of the heat of swimming pools is lost through the evaporation of surface water, good solar cover can help significantly reduce that. 

One of the great benefits is that it also helps to reduce the amount of money you are going to spend to heat the pool.