Know About the Fairy Halloween Costumes

Fairy Tinkerbell is probably the most famous of all time. Disney energetic little pixie make great Halloween costumes. The great thing about being a fairy is that you can choose the type of fairy you want to be: funny, attractive, cute, feminine, beautiful. The choice is up to you. Have fun with it and enjoy a magical Halloween!

Pink and aqua Light-Up Coral Fairy Costume is sure to delight little girls; skirt has sparkly blue lights and including tiny wings. Simply add the Gold Jewel Slippers to complete the look. Adults can have fun with the costumes too-their light is very pleasant for a Halloween party where you want to stand out. You can check this out to buy Halloween costumes.

You cannot go wrong with Tinkerbell, especially since everyone will know exactly who you are. Neverland Fairy Costume including lush green velvet dress, wings, and wand. It even comes in sizes for children and adults.

The Tinker Adult Shoes were perfect too. Flat small green has a white puff of play at the end and looks super cute. This costume has Tinkerbell printed on so that the child will feel exactly like this special fairy. Now you are sure to sparkle.

Sexy elf costumes are also popular-especially if you want to show off some leg. Costume includes small wings and corseted halter-short dress. If you prefer to not stand out quite a lot, Fairy Meadow's adult costume is an option. The ensemble is the same blue and green section but a tad underexposed.

You can perfect your fairy costume with the right accessories. Some costumes are not included wings so you might want to add some. They can even be added to the great dress that you already have.

They are great for creating a Gothic fairy. The Candy Corn wings are equally fun, but they are a little more innocent looking and perfect for my little girl. Simply add Fairy Pouch for storing your cell phone and other small items.