Looking for part-time childcare

Because we don't have all the time in the world and we also have to work to feed that child. So for us to go ahead and get some productivity, we have to find an alternative that does not lead to the death of our children.

Or anywhere it's available. We are not one to choose from, as long as they know how to care for a child who may or may not drive you crazy. This person must also be able to cook and have the patience of a saint. If you looking childcare near me you may visit https://minimasterminds.com.au/.

At the same time, they are so firm and well-disciplined that they not only say yes to what the child wants. We no longer want the child to spoil. They are bad enough, thank you very much.

Look, we're not looking for Mary Poppins or anything, we just want someone willing to take a few hours of rest every day to make sure our son stays alive until we get home every night. That's all we need.

What kind of parents are we if we didn't, right? So please, our son is not a child of the devil, we just want him to be able to eat every night when we are not at home and then to put him to bed once his stomach is full. Preferably around eight in the afternoon at nine, do you dig us?

Children need a lot of sleep to grow taller than their parents. And with ours eating like a hungry soccer player, we are not afraid of that happening. We just don't want them to end up as some kind of heavyweight champion because of how fat they had become.