How Red Wine Is Made

Red wine is one of the finest grapes wine among the many types that are available on the market. There are many variations of red wines too, although most of these variations are created using the same formula or method. This refreshing and stimulating type of wine is often made from black grapes and derives its color from the skin of the grapes.

The grapes, often freshly picked from the vineyard, were placed in a crusher. This marks the first stage of processing the fruit into red wine. The crushers easily damage the skin of the grapes and the stems of the plant can be used as extras or removed depending on the type of grape being produced. The wine is then placed in a fermentation bath along with the skin. You can also read from CapeArdor on how to produce fresh and perfect wine with the extraction of fruits.

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Fermentation can be a very long process that takes weeks to complete. When higher temperatures are used, more tannins and color are extracted from the fruit.

The rest of the grapes are pressed to make a tannic wine. Sometimes this tannin wine is added with free release grapes to add more structure to the wine mix. The wine and press are then combined and transported to a tank or vat for a second fermentation. The second fermentation exerts the most lasting time, even though it improves the taste and quality of the wine.