Profession Lead to High Coffee Consumption

Coffee is a beverage that has been consumed since ancient times and is consumed on a regular basis throughout the world. It is one of the most widely consumed beverage universally. For this reason, many hotels, workplaces and other public services have a coffee service where customers or employees can quickly fix a cup of coffee to enjoy.

One profession that tends to come with a fairly large amount of coffee consumption is a hospital nursing. If employed as a nurse in a hospital often require two or three interesting shift, working overnight, go to work when you do not expect it and be stuck in road work past your bedtime. You can check out coffee barista Singapore which provides you the best coffee services.

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Police Need Caffeine on the Job

Police are other groups that are well known for their coffee consumption. While many people associate the police with coffee and donuts, the truth is that many are just in it for the coffee. Being a police officer often requires late night at the station, responding to a call in the middle of the night, and reconnaissance long hours when they would rather be in bed.

For this reason, consume coffee to stay awake and alert have become a regular part of the routine work for a lot of police officers. Many police barracks have coffee service so that officers who serve and protect can enjoy a good cup of coffee as they do so.

Office Pick Me Up

Although they are fairly regular hours and they do not deal with the stress of cooperation with the police and hospital staff, office workers also lead the coffee consumers. Although it is often a low-stress job, sitting in one place all day can be very difficult for many people. Sedentary nature of office work can easily cause drowsiness noon, which can be very annoying and uncomfortable.