2 Important Tips On How To Be A Better Fishing Charter Client

Need a bathroom?

Speaking of waste, know what to do if you have to go number two. Sometimes nature calls and no matter what tricks you may try, she just isn’t going away until you answer her. If you are smart you chartered a boat with a marine toilet or head. 

If the crew didn’t already explain this to you at the start of the trip, swallow your pride and ask what to do if you need to use the bathroom. Some boats have holding tanks that get pumped at the dock, others have systems that flush right then and there either with a hand pump or regular handle. You can even book your fishing charter from professional charter services via povertysucksfishing.com.

Remember you are on a fishing boat, not at the Ritz, so many of these systems can’t dispose of waste like toilet paper. You might find it embarrassing to have to ask what to do, but you’ll find it 100 times more embarrassing if you actually clog the toilet and create an issue that makes you come in early or worse, costs money to fix.

Write reviews and spread the word

Like many small businesses, charter captains survive on repeat and referral business. In today’s internet age, few things are more valuable to them than online reviews, so be sure to take a few minutes and write them a positive one if you enjoyed yourself. 

Whether it’s their Facebook page, an online fishing forum, or Trip Advisor it will be appreciated. Nothing beats word-of-mouth referrals, however, so if you found a captain that you know your fishing buddies would love to, be sure to pass along the contact info.