Choosing the Best Website Design

Now this is very important. I suggest using a left hand navigation bar. Studies have shown that placement to work best. Next is your links. Your pages should link to each other for easy navigation. You can get seo, smm and digital marketing services in California.

1. Fonts, graphics, images, affiliate links, AdSense, or any other type of ad and other page elements. You should already have a good idea of what you are going to use.

2. Page flow. Your pages need to make sense and they need to be easy to read so break up big paragraphs.

3. Keep your pages clean. Do not overwhelm your visitors with fancy graphics it appears you are trying too hard and most people will just click out.

4. Stay away from too many colors. Again it can overwhelm you visitors

5. Visit other sites to see what everyone else is doing the majority of websites have already gone through the process to find what works best. Now never copy any of them just to get a good idea of what works.

Ok, now with that in mind you will want to design your web pages with the most common browsers in mind these browsers include:

The reason for this is that not all browsers can read all web pages. I'm sure you've come across an error page before. A lot of times the reason for that is your browser just could not read it.