Difference Between E-shisha & Traditional Hookah

Before venturing into the topic of the difference between e-Shisha and traditional hookah, it is essential to understand what the two actually mean.

A hookah is basically a stemmed water pipe, used for smoking Shisha(flavored tobacco) through a water basin.

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The hookah has its origins in India but over the years, it has gained immense popularity in the Middle East. The e-Shisha on the other hand is also known as ‘electronic hookah’. It is a flavored ‘Shisha’ electronic stick.

An e-Shisha is fundamentally a modified version of the conventional hookah. The concept basically emerged from the e-cigarette.

The basic difference between the two items is their components. A traditional hookah consists of a bowl, hose, plate, water jar, windscreen, purge valve, diffuser, and in certain cases, grommets. Tobacco and charcoal are the other items put to use.

In the case of an e-Shisha, there are three devices for it. A cartridge i.e. the mouthpiece, the heating component or atomizer, and the battery.

An innovative and quite stylish device is the hookah pen. It is the ideal choice for many as it is harmless to the smoker and well as to the passive smokers. A fundamental distinction between the two is that the e-Shisha doesn’t consist of tobacco or nicotine.

On the other hand, the hookah generates smoke by burning tobacco which passes via water (flavored, at times) into single or multiple stemmed tubes for inhalation. The e-hookah operates on a battery but the vapor produced by it is nontoxic.